I have a crazy life! Mainly because the TV shows I watch have crazy things going on in them. But lets be real, my life is pretty average, so I figured a blog was the next average step!

My name is Kristin. I wish I had some unique/cool nickname to give you, but sadly I don’t. I am a 23 year old girl living in her mother’s house and mooching off her until I leave for Physician’s Assistant school in the Fall. The minute I got into grad school I quit my job working as a Nursing Assistant because I hated it. As well as I wanted to focus on the things I love to do before I give my life away to the studies of Anatomy and so on.

What do I love to do? Watch TV of course. As well as knit, crochet, cook, write, and dance. Being honest, the only one I’m truly talented at out of those is the crocheting, which is great for my friends who are having babies.

On top of blogging about all of these things I do, I plan on continuing to blog during my journey to becoming a Physician’s Assistant. here’s hoping I have the time!


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